Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over the river and through the woods-Take 2

A couple of weeks after our trip down to College Station to see BeBe and Grandad, we flew to Denver to see Mimi and Grandpa (Brian's parents). We also got to meet Reid's cousin Garrett for the first time and hang out with Mark, Becky and Matt. A great time was had by all! Reid did great flying for the first time, and he enjoyed being the older cousin for a change.

Flying with Uncle Mark is such fun!

Hmm...maybe it's a McFarland thing...

One of my favorite pictures of all time

Reid loved the way the grass felt!

With Dad at the park

With Mom at the park

McFarland men

Mark, Becky and Garrett

The adorable Garrett


Reid looked so preppy in his little plaid visor!

Garrett is 2.5 months younger than Reid, but they're almost the same size!

Garrett was not at all sure about this hammock business...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The big oh-six

Reid/Buddy/Munch/Mini Reidy Burgers (just a few of your many nicknames),

You are 6 months old today, and Daddy and I could not be more proud of you! You are such a delightful baby. (Intense, but delightful.) When you arrived on February 20, you were tiny and quiet. Now, you are so grown up! You have an exuberant smile that lights up our home. You let out squeals of joy, and you are so busy all the time! Here is a little snapshot into your life at 6 months:

  • You have just started crawling; your movements are still a little unsteady, but you're going faster and further every day!
  • You are sitting up on your own, and you are able to get into the sitting position and back to your tummy on your own. You look so grown up sitting up and playing with toys!
  • You are really beginning to enjoy food. So far you have had sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, bananas, avocados, apples, mango, rice cereal and oatmeal cereal. For awhile, you seemed to love sweet potatoes, but over the last several days, you've been excited about green vegetables. Yay!
  • You are so vocal, and we are hearing more consonant sounds and the beginnings of babbling each day. You also coo, squeal, screech, and laugh this fabulous belly laugh.
  • You seem to have a temper at this early age. Sometimes when I walk out of the room, you fall down on the floor and erupt into a screaming fit.
  • You are interested in Baxter and Bristow. You smile as you watch them walk around the house, and when they get near enough, you reach out to pet them. Bristow has been sleeping on the rug in your nursery at night. He looks so sweet and protective.
  • You are our Tasmanian devil baby! You get so wound up and pull our hair, claw at our faces, pull on my earrings, chew on our chins and suck on our noses squealing all the while.
  • You are a huge flirt! You smile at all new people, but you really turn on the charm for women. You give your ear-to-ear grin, then bury your head in my neck and act shy for about two seconds then turn and smile again.
  • You love to play on the floor. Some of your favorite toys right now are your squishy building blocks, Fisher Price keyboard, mini basketball goal and the mini barn mobile with farm animals that is on your car seat handle. You still love Mortimer the Moose and Sophie the Giraffe. Both of these toys usually ride with you in the car seat.
  • You love Daddy and I so much! Your face lights up when we walk in the room, and you laugh for daddy like no one else. You love to sit in my lap and suck on your pacifier while you play with my hair.
You are 6 months old today, and we love you so, So, SOOO much!