Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lots of pictures!

Last belly shot-the night before Reid was born.

Daddy's armrest the night before Reid was born.



Nursery bedding, handmade by my mom!

Reid on his birthday

Sleeping with my baby-1 day old

Hanging out in the hospital-2 days old

Getting burped and showing off chubby cheeks

With Daddy in his gown--way too big!

Waiting to get discharged from the hospital

First bath at home--not a happy camper

Reid chilling out in his swing--he loves it!

Wide awake after eating

Reid posing with his first package addressed to him from Jennifer, Marion and Michael Powell

Comatose after feeding...

In the nursery after his first trip to the pediatrician for a weight check (he was up to 6 pounds, 15 ounces from his hospital low of 6 pounds, 13 ounces)

Our precious first born sons :)  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

On The Day You Were Born

My Precious Reid William,

One week ago tonight, Daddy and I sat at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Covino's, with BeBe, Grandad, Mimi, Grandpa, Uncle Toby, Aunt Sarah and Cason.  We were celebrating because we knew that the next morning we would welcome you into this world.  We ate lots of good food then returned home knowing we had a very early morning ahead of us.  We finished packing our bags and getting the house ready.  We wanted everything to be perfect when you came home!  

Daddy and I snuggled into bed that night very nervous and excited.  Daddy was surprised that he was not as nervous as he expected to be.  Mommy surprised herself with being more nervous than she thought she would be!  Your brothers, Baxter and Bristow, both slept in our bed that night.  Daddy and I tried to explain to them that their lives would never be the same (but that we loved them very much).   

On the morning of Friday, February 20, 2009, our alarm went off at 4:00 a.m.  Daddy and I quickly took showers, and Daddy ate breakfast in the kitchen where I couldn't see him since I couldn't have any food but was starving.  I fixed my hair and put on make-up because I wanted to look good for your big day.  We left the house just after 5:00 a.m. after telling the kitties good-bye.  The car was loaded down with your car seat and diaper bag, our suitcases, video camera, regular camera and a LOT of pillows for Mommy to have in her hospital bed.  

We arrived at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas at 5:30 a.m. and checked into Labor and Delivery.  They showed us back to our room and things started to feel more "real" to me and Daddy.  I got dressed in my hospital gown and then Elizabeth, our doula and photographer, arrived.  She took LOTS of pictures of Daddy and I before you were born, while you were born and after you were born.  We know that we will always cherish these pictures. 

Things started to move quickly at this point.  Mommy was hooked up to all kinds of wires and machines.  As we got close to 7:00 a.m., Daddy and Elizabeth had to leave while Mommy got her epidural.  They went and sat in the waiting room with BeBe and Grandad and Mimi and Grandpa arrived soon after.  Daddy got to come and hang out with Mommy for a minute before they took her to the operating room and then he kissed her good-bye at the door. 

Once Mommy got all set up in the operating room, Daddy got to come back and sit right by my head.  The next thing Daddy remembers is Dr. Fogwell asking if he wanted to see you being pulled out.  Daddy was very brave and stood up and watched.  The first thing he saw was your little bottom which came out first because you were breech. (You were peeing when they pulled you out of my tummy!)  You gave two little squeaks to let us know you had arrived at 7:56 a.m., but other than that you were very peaceful.  Dr. Fogwell told me to look to my left and I got my first glimpse of you!  You looked perfect and had so much hair.  The doctor thought you might be a red head but it turned out to be a head full of blonde hair.  

The nurses carried you over to the warming table and got you cleaned up and weighed.  They announced that you weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces.  Daddy and I were surprised because we actually thought you might be a little bigger.  We were thrilled with how perfect you were, and everyone commented on how alert and active you were.  The nurses swaddled you and handed you off to Daddy.  Daddy brought you over to see me, and I got to kiss your sweet little head for the first time.  We spent our first quality time as a family right there with mommy getting "fixed up" on the operating table.  

The next thing I knew, I looked at the big clock on the OR wall and realized that it was already 8:45 and no one had gone out to announce your arrival to your grandparents and Aunt Sarah.  I knew they were probably getting worried, but I wasn't ready for Daddy to leave us yet.  We asked Elizabeth to go to the waiting room and just announce that you had been born and that we were both okay.  You see, Daddy and I had kept your name a secret ever since we decided on it the night we found out we were having a little boy. Daddy didn't think I could keep a secret that long, but I did! Daddy was so excited to go the waiting room and announce your name so we didn't want the surprise to be ruined.  

Everyone was relieved to hear we were okay but anxious for the big announcement and to see you.  Soon we were wheeled into the recovery room.  They unwrapped all your swaddling blankets and snuggled you up right on my chest.  I was elated to hold you for the first time and I kissed your little head over and over.  I was still amazed at how much fluffy hair you had.  Mommy and Daddy enjoyed more quality time with you--just holding you and looking at how perfect you were.  You were so content and just laid on my chest wide-eyed and alert looking right at me and Daddy.

Finally, around 10:00 a.m., Daddy tore himself away from you and went to the waiting room where he announced that you had been born.  Everyone was excited to hear your name.  We chose the name Reid mainly because we liked it.  We also liked that it is a traditional Irish/Scottish name which goes well with our last name.  Your middle name, William, is in honor of your great grandfather, William Ernest Brown.  He is Grandad's father who passed away when Grandad was a teenager  Since Mommy never got to meet him we thought it would be special to carry on his name.  

Once Daddy made his big announcement we got to have visitors in the recovery room.  First, BeBe and Grandad came in to meet you.  They were surprised that you were so tiny and that your eyes were wide open.  Grandad thought it was very special that your middle name was William.  Mimi and Grandpa were next to visit and they were so proud of you--their very first grandchild.  Aunt Sarah came in next and Daddy came back with her.  We had a good laugh because she had jokingly been calling you Willy McFarland.  

Eventually, we were moved from the recovery room up to our hospital room.  You rode in the bed with Mommy while Daddy walked next to us.  We rode the elevator up to the fifth floor and they pulled my bed up to the window outside the admissions nursery.  They took you into the nursery, and we stayed and watched for a few minutes while they took you to your little bassinet.  Daddy and the grandparents stayed and watched while they measured you, gave you a bath and got you all checked out.

Eventually, you came to the room to be with Mommy.  (We couldn't wait to have you back with us, and you stayed in our room with us the entire rest of our 4 days and nights!) Your hair was even fluffier after your bath.  The rest of the day was filled with taking you in and seeing visitors.  Uncle Toby came from work during lunch to see you.  Sally and Eric stopped by in the afternoon to meet you.  All of your grandparents spent the afternoon with us.  We had a special cookie cake that said Happy Birthday Reid!  

After all our visitors had left, Daddy and I got ready for bed.  I drifted off to sleep and remember waking up to see Daddy rocking you in the chair in the corner of the room.  He was instantly so in love with you!  You were a little fussy that first night, but you seemed to calm down when you were snuggled skin-to-skin with Mommy.  We eventually feel asleep this way--you tucked in next to me, cradled in my arm.  I didn't sleep long because of all of the nurses checking on both of us during the night. 

I just laid there staring at you, amazed.  I kept telling Daddy that I could not believe that YOU were who had been inside of me for all those months.  You were the little blinking dot on the ultrasound that gave us so much hope early in our pregnancy.  At our 11 week ultrasound, you were the tiny, but perfectly formed, baby that we dubbed our "jumping bean".  You were the one that kicked and squirmed inside of me for all of those months.  You were the precious little baby that I read nursery rhymes to while I was pregnant.  You were the head that bulged under my ribs--the one that Daddy would rest his head on and whisper to.  And as I laid there staring at you, you were so awake.  You stared at me, and I wondered what you thought about me and Daddy and being in this world.  

You are almost one week old, and we love you so much.  We cannot wait to see what life has in store for us.  We're so lucky that God blessed us with you!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just a short update for now.  Brian, Reid and a I made it home around 1:00 this afternoon.  We are thrilled to be home with our happy, healthy baby boy.  Of course, our "happy" baby has definitely developed his signature cry.  It escalates from a couple of cute little squeaks to what I would describe as a shrill banshee wail in about 2 seconds.  Luckily, this is usually quickly quieted by feeding him.  For now. 

I'll have to write much more about our birth and hospital experiences later. For now we are happy to be home and to have introduced Reid to his big brothers.  Baxter seems pretty indifferent to him, and Bristow is curious.  They have both been sticking close to me all afternoon, and I'm very glad that they are acting loving and cuddly and not angry.  

Arriving at home; ignore the fact that I still appear to be pregnant.  I promise, there is a baby in the car seat.
Bristow meeting his brother

Baxter meeting his brother

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birth Day Reid!

Ok, here is a picture of Reid. I didn't get one of his hair but it appears to be blond!

Reid William McFarland Is Here!

This is Sarah, Allison's sister. I am happy to announce that Reid William was born at 7:56. He weighs 7 lbs. 9 oz. He is 20 in. long. Allison and Reid are doing great! I think he has Allison's nose and Brian's cheeks!
I can't post a picture right now. But I will later.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A major change in our marriage...

Don't worry, I'm not about to share anything overly personal.  I'd never do that ;)  

As we've been counting down to "D-Day" (Delivery Day), I've been frantically nesting.  I just want to make sure each area of the house is ready for Baby Boy McFarland's arrival.  I plan on him sleeping in our room for awhile after we come home from the hospital.  I have decided to use our new Pack-n-Play for this purpose in our bedroom.  The only problem was figuring out how to configure our bedroom to make things work logistically.

Since I plan to breastfeed, I wanted the baby on my side of the room for easy access.  Since I'm having a c-section, I wanted to have the Pack-n-Play very close to my side of the bed so I could reach over and pick him up with minimal getting in and out of our bed.  The only way we could get this arrangement to work involved rearranging our bedroom furniture.  We tried this for a couple of days, but our bedroom felt so "off"--it drove me crazy.  I just kept thinking how Brian's side of the bed was such a better location for the Pack-n-Play.  The traffic flow through our room would still be perfect.  

I threw around a solution in my head during one of my recent sleepless nights.  I just kept thinking, "could we possibly make this momentous change after 4 1/2 years?" I got up the courage to share my idea with Brian, and he went for it!  So, starting Thursday night, we began a new chapter in our marriage.

We switched sides of the bed!!!!

The added bonus is that I'm now right next to the bathroom.  If pregnancy has taught me anything, it is the critical importance of minimizing ones steps during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips!  The first few nights were a little rough.  It just seemed so wrong.  In fact, we somehow managed to bump heads rather hard in the middle of the second night of our experiment when we both rolled over at the same time. 

It's good to know that we could be successful with this major change in our marriage--especially since we've got another very minor change to contend with in a few days :)  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It wasn't meant to be...

We went in for the procedure this morning, and everything went well.  The doctor felt like he was able to make several good attempts at turning Baby Boy McFarland.  But alas, we still have a breech baby.  The doctor feels that this is almost certainly because of the issue with the size and shape of my uterus. There's just not enough room at the bottom of my uterus for him to sit head down. There were no complications, and BBM handled the whole thing like a champ--no deceleratons in heart rate whatsoever.  

I handled it pretty well too.  I had to have a medication called terbutaline to relax the muscles of the uterus which has the lovely side effect of making your heart race and making you feel like you're going to jump out of your skin.  I had been told that this procedure could be extremely painful, and, well....   I will say it was 3-4 minutes of extreme discomfort, but definitely manageable. I would never discourage anyone from having it done based solely on the pain level. They told me I'd be sore tomorrow, and I can already feel that setting in.  

So our plan remains a scheduled c-section on February 20 (next Friday, scary!) unless I go into labor on my own before then.  If that is the case, once they're sure I'm in labor they would go ahead with a c-section at that time.  So one week is the longest we will go without holding our precious little boy.  It's a thrilling and terrifying thought.  Brian and I keep saying, this is our last week/last weekend/last time to ____, but it's so hard to fathom that our lives are about to change forever.  We are SO excited and SO creeped out :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic...

We had our weekly sonogram and doctors appointment today, and we received some good news.  The umbilical cord had moved from around the baby's neck enough that the doctor is comfortable with performing the external cephalic version/ECV/manual baby turning procedure.  To recap, this procedure is to turn the baby, who is currently breech, into a head-down position in order to avoid a c-section.  

Brian and I are excited about this turn of events, BUT we understand that the odds of this working are not in our favor.  Depending on the doctor/hospital stats this procedure is usually successful 60% of the time.  Because of the small size and weird shape of my uterus along with the fact that our "little" guy is estimated to weigh 7 pounds 10 ounces at 37.5 weeks, the odds are definitely decreased in our situation.  

That being said, Brian and I are very hopeful that we will leave the hospital tomorrow with a head-down baby and then wait to go into labor on our own.  If the procedure is not successful, then we will feel confident that we've done all we can and move forward with the scheduled c-section on 2/20.  We are getting so excited to meet our son no matter how he decides to come out!

Our procedure will be done in labor and delivery just in case emergency intervention is needed. (This is standard protocol).   Brian and our doula, Elizabeth, will be there with me. The procedure is scheduled for 8 am, and we should be home again by about 10 am. We'll keep you posted on the outcome!

And for those who desire more information, below is a brief explanation of the procedure from Dr. Spock's website.  

Turning a Breech Baby: External Cephalic Version

by Marjorie Greenfield, M.D.
reviewed by Marjorie Greenfield, M.D.
External cephalic version (ECV) is a procedure to change a baby from breech or other non-headfirst presentation to headfirst (cephalic). The physician pushes on the baby through the mother's abdomen, either creating a forward roll like a somersault or a back flip. For details about the procedure itself, see "The External Cephalic Version Protocol."

Why do external cephalic version?
Since all transverse babies and most breech babies are born by cesarean, moving the baby to cephalic presentation increases the chance of having a vaginal birth. Research has shown that offering ECV to all mothers with breech babies at 36 weeks gestation decreases the cesarean rate for that group of women. The success rate for rotating a baby to headfirst position is quoted as anywhere between 35 and 86 percent. The procedure is more successful in women who have had other children, since the baby can move around more easily, than it is for a first-time mom whose baby sits low in her pelvis.

The risks involved
Often the baby's heart rate will slow during or immediately after the version, especially when it is successful. The heart rate usually comes back to normal within a few moments, and there is no evidence that these short-lived heart-rate changes harm the baby in any way. In very rare situations, the heart rate stays slow long enough that practitioners will start the initial preparations for a possible emergency cesarean section. Although preparation is sometimes necessary, emergency C-sections are extremely rare under these circumstances.

While it's rare to have a serious complication of ECV, it may be uncomfortable or even moderately painful. You always have the right to stop the procedure for any reason. (Remember, it's your body!) If you can keep your abdominal muscles relaxed, you might be more comfortable and the procedure may be more likely to succeed. You may feel sore for a few days. Ideally, you will want a support person with you during the version, and you'll need someone to drive you home afterward.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We had our weekly appointment on Tuesday, and it was more of the same--breech baby, cord around the neck but otherwise good.  The doctor went ahead and scheduled a date for a c-section which is (drumroll please), Friday, February 20.  We still go back this Wednesday to see if things have changed, and the c-section can always been cancelled or moved.  For now, though, we have a date.  

On a much less happy note...  I started getting sick late Wednesday night with what we lovingly refer to around here as the Black Death.  I'll spare the majorly graphic details, but hours of vomiting, diarrhea and fever ensued.  After the prescriptions that were called in in the middle of the night (and picked up by Brian who deserves the husband of the year award) did nothing to help,  my OB ended up admitting me to the hospital Thursday morning.  I had severe dehydration which had started causing some contractions.  After 24 hours of IV fluids, medications and baby monitoring (he's perfectly fine), I was released yesterday around 11 am.  I'm still not feeling 100%, and I'm still only tolerating clear liquids, but overall I feel much better.  Now we're in serious disinfecting mode and praying that Brian does not get sick.  Keep your fingers crossed...

We're planning a quiet weekend of resting and baby preparations around here!  Hope you all have a great weekend.  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Showers!

We were so lucky to have two awesome baby showers in the month of January! 

On January 10, we had a "Winter Wonderland" themed couples shower hosted by my sister and my dear childhood (and forever) friends Sally, Martha and Cara. There was an impressive array of hot beverages including every variety of hot chocolate imaginable. There were even different kinds of marshmallows. Fancy! Our dining room table was covered with a delicious assortment of desserts. The boys ate and played with the Wii while the girls ate, talked and opened gifts. We had so much fun visiting with friends and family, and Baby Boy McFarland got tons of great gifts.

Enjoy the pictures:

Me and Brian before the shower

Some of the pretty gifts

Me, Martha and Cara

Helmut, Brian and Toby "Wii-ing"

Cute snowflake cake

I was so excited about getting My Brest Friend

Beau was such a great assistant!

Adorable diaper cake made by Sally

Cason's first big social event

On January 31 the wonderful girls from my small group at church hosted a shower for me and Brooke.  Brooke is also in our small group, and she is having a baby boy who is due March 6!  We had lots of fun with the girls from our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) class and enjoyed some delicious food.  Brooke and I both received many amazing gifts for our little boys. Brooke and her husband have decided to name their little one Gavin.  My mom was so excited that someone was announcing their baby's name, so she embroidered Brooke's baby gift.  

More pictures from our church shower:

Brooke showing off Texas Tech gear

Our small group girls: Lee, Kelly, me, Brooke, Lindsay, Sarah and Brandy (poor Sally was at home sick!)

Cute and delicious petit fours

My mom gave me the quilt for our baby bedding that she made!  Such talent!

Excuse my stupid expressions--I was so thrilled to have my first Tulsa Golden Hurricane baby gift!

Completely NOT shower-related but way too cute not to post!

Cason's winter hat :)