Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Month Old (slightly belated)

I'm about 4 days late posting this, but hey, I guess that's just the kind of mom I'm going to be :) Reid turned one month old on Friday and I absolutely do not know where the time has gone!

New tricks:
-Rolling from his tummy to his back (he was doing this during the last post but I figured it was worth mentioning again)
-Holding his head up for several seconds at a time while on his tummy
-Cooing and grunting
-Tracking objects (and Mommy and Daddy)
-He's on the verge of smiling for us consistently--we've had a couple of semi-smiles
-He's trying to hold a rattle in his hand, but he's not really consistent with that either yet

We've also had lots of visitors since our last post.  Brian's cousin Amy, Aunt Carol and Amy's boyfriend Josh came down from Kansas two weekends ago.  Last weekend, Grandpa (Brian's dad) drove down from Colorado and stopped in Kansas to pick up Brian's grandmother.  Needless to say, Reid has received a ton of attention which he has loved!  

My attempt at the "One Month" picture--he was NOT a happy one month old

Baxter has accepted his brother--he even licked his head to prove it :)

Reid's faux-hawk after a bath

With Great Grandma

Happy after bathtime

Silly faces

Outside watching Mommy garden on a beautiful day

Bristow enjoying Reid's Snuggle Nest co-sleeper

With Great Aunt Carol

With cousin Amy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Reid-almost 3 weeks old

Our sweet baby is almost 3 weeks old. I cannot believe it! The last several days have been amazing and challenging (and completely exhausting!). I've never felt so clueless in my whole life. We have learned that Reid likes to snuggle and has an incredibly expressive face. He also seems to be a little impatient and slightly temperamental. When it's time to eat he lets out one little peep to signal his hunger and then angry, cranky screaming ensues until we can get him settled and eating. Brian and I always suspected that our offspring would be lacking in the patience department :)

And now, I must brag. Reid rolled over from his stomach to his back at 15 days old. What's that you say? Must have been a fluke? That's what we thought too! So we put him back on his tummy, and he did it again. He's repeated his amazing feat 3 times since Saturday making his parents very proud. We also took Reid on his first "real" outing (excluding two check-ups at the pediatrician). We went to Brian's soccer game on Sunday, and Reid did great. Oh, and Brian's team won...yay!

My mom left on Sunday afternoon so I've been going it alone during the day while Brian's at work. Does anyone know where I can purchase an extra set of arms?!

So, here is the last two weeks in pictures:

Posing after Brian's soccer game

Watching Brian's soccer game

We didn't catch him rolling over on camera, but this is him on his back after rolling over for the first time!

Reid's "kissy face"--one of my favorite expressions


Brian reading Goodnight Moon to Reid for the first time outside the womb

Hanging out in his Snuggle Nest in our bed

Sleeping on Daddy is one of his favorite past times!

Reid's first walk outside--he's in the pouch

Little, tiny Reid inside his pouch

Looking at himself in the mirror on his playmat...

This is his expression upon seeing himself in the mirror--I think he likes what he sees!