Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

This post is a very random tribute to the material things in my life that bring me great joy:
I want it, I need it, I can't function without it. Starbucks Breakfast Blend brewed fresh each morning by my loving husband with just the right amount of half and half. Heavenly.
This is the only dish soap I can use. My mom uses it too, and it smells like home to me.
A great go-to white wine for any occasion. 2005-2007 have all been very good years :)

This fall I ended my 14 year love/hate relationship with Clinique in favor of Bare Minerals. LOVE IT. I was skeptical of a loose powder foundation at first, but I have seen the light!
My CHI straightener has died a slow, agonizing death over the last year. (It is 4 years old...I hear that's an excellent life span for a CHI.) It has been replaced by the Sedu. The Sedu beats the pants off the CHI any day.

The "Dallas Red" variety of lantana camera; beautiful, native and very drought resistant!
I adore all Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla products. I know they say for "sleep", but I use them in the morning too. That might explain the need for the coffee...

I love to travel, but it's expensive. My consolation prize is reading about travel. This magazine is fabulous, and gives me great ideas for saving money. A $10.00 a year subscription lets me spend hours dreaming of future adventures!

Double pan fried noodles from P.F. Changs. I don't eat them often, but they are culinary perfection.
The only piece of technology I own. And really, do I need anything else? I don't think so.
Canon EOS Digital Rebel. We got ours in 2006 and have been snap-happy ever since.
I have more fun checking out what these bad boys pull out of my pores than I should. Don't judge me!

Anyone else up for the challenge of sharing the little things that make you smile?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I heart Daddy

Reid loves his daddy! They already have so much fun together, and I know as Reid gets older, and is able to do more, they will have a blast. Of course, Brian has visions of playing soccer and baseball with the little man. One time I asked him what he would do if Reid didn't like sports and wanted to be a ballet dancer instead. His answer surprised me. He said, "Then I'll learn how to dance so we can spend time together." This is both touching and hilarious (everyone, imagine with me Brian leaping across a stage in tights!). I do think it shows what a great daddy Reid has though. And I hope Brian doesn't mind me sharing that little tidbit with everyone.

Brian's first Father's Day was a blast for all of us. We had such a busy day, and Reid was a trooper. We went to ABF a.k.a. "Sunday School" and big church, and Reid stayed in the nursery throughout. We peeked in on him in between, and he was standing in an exersaucer grinning from ear to ear with about 3 nursery workers congregated around him. We decided he was doing just fine :)

Then we had lunch at Central Market, and I surprised Brian by instructing him to drive to the PGA Superstore so he could pick out his new putter as part of his gift from Reid. Brian had lots of fun test driving putters while Reid and I walked around looking at golf apparel. Brian also got a gift card to play golf at Tour 18 from my parents, me and Reid. Finally, we came home, and Reid gave Brian a book he wrote called "My Daddy and Me". It was a photobook with captions of Brian and Reid since the day he was born. They read it together. Last, but not least, Brian and Reid went for a dip in the pool. There was tons of laughter and silly noises. I had to sit this one out since I had LASIK on Friday. No swimming for a month :( I did have fun watching them (in my wrap around sun glasses) and taking pictures.

Brian proclaimed it the best Father's Day he's ever had. And Reid proclaimed Brian the best daddy that he's ever had. ;)

Happy boys

Surfing lessons

Daddy making motorboat noises

Watching the US Open together

Brian tried out the new putter on the rug. Baxter had fun playing with the golf balls. I said he was Brian's catty. Get it? Please try to control your hysterical laughter.

Reading their book together

Reid holding the book and card to give to Daddy.

Brian posing with the putter. And the baby.

Tuckered out.

Fantastic Four (Months)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too busy to sleep

I returned to work on Monday for the first time in 6 MONTHS (combination of bed rest and maternity leave). It was weird, busy, stressful but strangely okay. Of course, my in-laws were keeping Reid at our house, and dinner was waiting for me when I returned home. Now if only every workday could end that way! Tomorrow will be Reid's first real day at day care. I'm working Mondays and Thursdays for now.

Anyway, the number one question everyone at work was asking was: "how is he sleeping?!" as if this was the critical measure of his intelligence and my success as a mother. (What's that? I'm being way too sensitive and reading too much into the question? Okay, fine. Sleep deprivation has left me with the emotional stability of a newborn.) So, in answer to THE question: not well. Reid still gets up once or twice (or three times!) to eat during the night. Sometimes he wakes up more but goes back down without eating. No, he has never slept through the night. Not once. I've had a couple of freak occurrences where he slept for 6 hours, but there were no repeat performances.

So, if he doesn't sleep well at night, he must be napping well during the day, right? Nope. Reid is the consummate power napper. He will be passed out, be placed in his crib for a nap and wake up 10 minutes later smiling and ready to go. Or screaming his head off and cranky. It's a toss up. Yes, I'm exhausted. No, I never get anything done around the house.

All that to say, no, my child has not been sleeping for 12 hours a night, straight through, (like my sweet co-worker informed me her baby had been since 2 months of age.) BUT, he is completely amazing in so many other ways. Allow me to brag.

Reid rolls both ways, and he is now using rolling to go places and get things. He will hold toys in both hands and pass them from one hand to the other. He laughs, coos, makes raspberries and generally vocalizes non-stop. If we hold out our hands, he pulls himself to standing with very little assistance. He supports himself standing only holding our fingers. He eats his toes. He stands in his exersaucer. He tried rice cereal for the first time last night. He even appears to be getting his first tooth. And I'm convinced that there is not a cuter baby on this planet. Especially when he wears his swimsuit.

In summary, it is entirely possible that Reid will not sleep through the night until he is 16. His naps will probably only get shorter. But he is brilliant, strong, amazing and adorable. Four out of five ain't bad.

Holding his toes

Reading a book

Scratch that. Eating a book.

Standing in my exersaucer (with a little assist from the Wii fit board)

Eating rice cereal.

Entertaining mom after her first day at work.

Reid was dedicated at church this last Sunday with his cousin Cason.

Yes, they wore matching outfits.

Grandpa gave Reid a few tips on his game while watching golf together.

Swimming with Daddy.

To quote a very strange, very Southern saying I once heard (on the Bachelor if you must know) "I just want to sop him up with a biscuit!"

Standing with Daddy in the suit.

Ladies and gentleman, that is my 80 year old grandmother playing on the floor like a young spring chicken.

After a jog with Dad.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Uncle Billy

Most of you are aware by now that my uncle died very unexpectedly last week. He was 45 and had a wife, Christy, and two sons, Jacob, 14 and Sean ,17. Uncle Billy was my favorite uncle and definitely the uncle that I spent the most time with growing up. He was only 18 when I was born (my dad is 14 years older than he), and I have great early memories of riding around my grandmother's house on his shoulders. He also used to take my sister and me "exploring" in a wooded lot that backed up to my grandmother's house. I'm sure it was only about an acre, or so, but it felt like a great adventure to us!

We were so excited when he married my aunt Christy--she was so young and hip (she still is even though she's a GREAT aunt now!). Sarah and I were flower girls in their wedding with stylish peach dresses with white lace. I always looked forward to their visits--especially when they had Sean and Jacob. I was touched when he and Christy came to Tulsa for my college graduation and not just because they gave me money ;)

The last time I saw Billy is when he, Christy and Jacob came to see us in the hospital when Reid was born. They had just come from a baseball game, and they brought Reid his first camoflage outfit. However, Billy and I had a newfound relationship on Facebook. We frequently commented on each others status updates and pictures. In face, I think I had just read one of his updates on Saturday morning.

So when my dad called on Saturday afternoon to let me know my uncle had had a seizure and was at the hospital, I was concerned, but I figured he'd be fine. He'd been diagnosed with epilepsy about 5 years ago but his seizures were well-managed with medication. My dad wanted Sarah and I to go up to the hospital and check on Christy and the boys and to see how Billy was doing. We were about to have a pool party at our house, and we decided not to cancel it. I assumed I'd get up to the hospital around the time Billy was being released, see if the family needed anything and make it back in time to see Reid in his swim suit for the first time.

Imagine my shock when, minutes after arriving at the hospital, the doctor informed us that my uncle was brain dead with a slim chance of survival. I was shocked! Nine days later, I'm still shocked. I can't believe he's gone. He was Facebooking on Saturday morning, for crying out loud.

I've always known that Billy was a wonderful uncle. I also knew he was a terrific husband and father. Over the last week, I have learned so much about him that I didn't know. I've learned that he has numerous fiercely loyal friends. Many of Sean and Jacob's friends were also very close to Billy and spent countless hours in the ICU waiting room. Former co-workers, high school friends, college buddies, friends from church...last week I met so many people who loved my uncle. Hundreds of people showed up at his visitation and funeral, and I was so proud to tell them that Billy was my uncle.

One quick picture--when Billy , Christy and Jacob came to see us in the hospital. That bundle of blankets is tiny baby Reid!