Thursday, May 21, 2009

Read 'em and weep (or don't--your choice)

My dear friend/former roommate Aimee tagged me to share seven random things about myself. I decided this blog should be about more than just Reid--after all, I existed long before he did. So here you go, for what it's worth!

1. I'm a walking paradox. I love a clean house, organized closets, sparkling car, and immaculate purse. Unfortunately, I am inherently a very messy person. I have a very hard time disciplining myself to keep things picked up and organized every moment of the day. Instead, I allow things to get out of control quickly, get completely stressed out about it, and then go on a cleaning rampage. Seriously, walking into my messy house physically affects me--the muscles in my neck tighten, I clench my jaw and the beginnings of a stress headache are born. Why, oh why, can't I make things easier on myself and just stay on top of things?!

2. I'm an amateur gardener. My dad definitely has a green thumb, and we always had one of the best yards in the neighborhood growing up--no pressure! When we moved into our house 2.5 years ago, our backyard had a Japanese zen garden theme going on, bamboo wind chimes, stone pagodas and all. I am s0 not a zen person, and I have spent each spring/summer/fall since creating my own little oasis. And one of these days, if you're very lucky, I'll give you a break from pictures of my adorable son and fur babies and post pictures of my plants. I know, I know, the excitement is almost more than you can take.

3. When I was 11 years old, I visited a pot farm. Actually, it was my grandparents house. Easy to get the two confused, isn't it? To make a long story short, some fine Arkansans from somewhere downriver got the great idea to use the river access to some of my grandparents' property to plant their own personal stash. I was visiting that summer and helping my grandfather look for trees blown down in a storm the night before when we stumbled across the operation in a secluded, wooded area (luckily no pot farmers were there at the time). The authorities were called and removed said illegal substance which was allegedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars--street value of course ;) They never caught those fine farmers, but later that week several bails of hay on my grandparents property were torched. Only in Arkansas!

4. I'm a hippie. Okay, not really, but relatively speaking, among my conservative, Christian Republican (CCR, if you will) friends, I totally am. I don't know where this streak came from, but ever since taking a class in college called "The Cultural Meaning of Childbirth in American Society" I desperately wanted a home birth with a doula and a midwife. Certain medical issues made this scenario impossible, but that didn't stop me from bringing my doula to the hospital for my c-section. I also tend to question authority at times, I used some alternative medical services in our quest to become pregnant, and we're selectively vaccinating. In fairness to my parents, I'd like to point out that I was most definitely NOT raised this way.

5. I have a weird job. I got into the field of speech pathology because I wanted to work with kiddos. Sometime during grad school I became keenly interested in the medical side of the profession. Specifically, I grew to love voice restoration following cancer. Now I spend my workdays digging around in the necks of people who have had part, or all, of their voice box removed because of cancer. I help them talk and/or eat and swallow again. It's very rewarding except when it isn't-- there are times when the outcomes are less than favorable or when patients pass away. Most of the time, though, I feel I make an immediate difference in the lives during a really scary and difficult time. (And yes, I am going back to work, two days a week starting June 15).

6. I have issues. Sensory issues, that is! I hate wearing pants (but I do for the sake of humanity.) The thought of wearing layers makes my heart rate rise. For example, I have NO idea how people wear button down shirts under sweaters. I cannot wear wool--the thought makes me itch. I do not like loud noises, and when Brian has the TV or music too loud it makes me physically uncomfortable--not my ears--I just feel stressed by it. I love swinging, rocking, fidgeting and deep pressure touch. Yes, I realize this makes me sound like I could be on the autism spectrum. I'm pretty sure I'm not.

7. I should have been a travel agent. I absolutely LOVE to travel. The weird thing is, I think planning trips is half the fun! I enjoy the excitement of researching a new place and the challenge of planning travel on a budget. I also have loads of fun figuring out all the logistics of our travels (connecting flights, rental car pick up, train schedules in foreign countries, hotel check-in times, museum hours, etc...). It's like a jigsaw puzzle (which I also love...if there was a #8 I would tell you all about that!). I feel like actually going on a trip is the icing on the cake. It is usually the culmination of many months of research and planning, and I have so much fun watching everything fall into place. So, if #5 falls through, I always have a back-up career option.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 7 friends to participate in this exercise on their blogs. I'm not sure I
have seven close friends who blog. Hmm...

1. My favorite sister, Sarah: just
try and surprise me with new information about you!
2. Cara: Elvis knows all (don't ask), but share 7 things for the rest of the crowd.
3. Amy, we're so much alike, why don't you just copy and paste my list into your blog? (Okay, I actually don't think
any of my 7 apply to you...)
4. The newest addition to my blogging family: Jennifer!
5. Brooke and I are practically living the same life right now with little boys who are less than 2 weeks apart!
6. Lindsay has the
newest newborn in our small group, and I am constantly surprised by what I learn about you.
7. I don't get to see Dawn nearly enough, but I am always so encouraged by what I read on your blog since you've almost survived your first year of motherhood.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 months

UPDATE: Reid started rolling over from his back to his tummy last night while he slept, and then this morning he demonstrated rolling back to tummy then back to his back. Such a big boy!

Original Post:
Reid almost commemorated his 3 month birthday by rolling from his back to his tummy...almost. Other developments include starting to sit up when propped or in the Bumbo and lots of smiling/cooing interaction with Mom and Dad!

One month

Two months

Three months

So close to rolling back to tummy but got stuck on his arm :)

Using his hands and feet to play

First time in the Bumbo

This is how we get yard work done (a play yard-sized mosquito net over the swing--word of caution--the mobile has to be turned off or a tangled mess ensues!)

Eating his hands in his outdoor paradise

Hanging out with BeBe before bedtime

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are family

I had a fabulous first Mother's Day as a mother!  I got to spend the weekend with my parents, Sarah, Toby, Cason, Brian and Reid.  We went to church Sunday morning, to Brian's soccer game Sunday afternoon and ate on the patio at PF Changs for dinner Sunday evening.  

My mom is still in town, and she has brought Cason over this week for play dates.  Our friend Beau and his grandmother even joined in the fun today.  Enjoy the pictures!

Cason is working his supermodel pout. 

Discussing dinner milk?

Cason decided to ditch the ratty old Red Raiders blanket in favor of something a little more stylish.  And for those of you blog readers who have no idea what a Golden Hurricane is (and lets be honest...that's probably ALL of you) would be the mascot for the University of Tulsa, the alma matter of me and Brian.  

Cason is so close to crawling!

Is this what child development experts had in mind when they coined the term "parallel play"?

Our little family on Mother's Day.

Grandad and the kids

Sarah's first mother's day too!

BeBe and the kids

Is there any question who Cason looks like?  Sorry Sarah.  (Funny side note--the night before Reid was born, one of my good friends asked me if I thought he'd look like Cason....ummm, if he did, that would be awkward!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Boy

Reid has started to mellow a little in his old age. He is still an intense baby and can go from really happy to really angry in a nanosecond. At times, he still goes from being deeply asleep one second to opening one eye and beginning to shriek hysterically until he is fed (at which point he becomes instantly calm again!).

HOWEVER, whereas these situations used to be the norm, now they are much less frequent. Reid has started smiling, cooing and laughing a ton. He is more independent and will play on a blanket on the floor or in his crib for up to 30 minutes at a time without getting fussy. He has started enjoying his swing much more, and I'm even starting to get him to nap more regularly (without holding him through the entire nap!).

Reid has had visits from Mimi (Brian's mom) and BeBe and Grandad (my parents) lately. And, Reid now has another cousin! Brian's brother Mark, and his wife, Becky, had a big, healthy baby boy.

Garrett James McFarland
May 9, 2009 at 12:27 a.m.
8 lbs 15 oz
21 inches

We can't wait to meet, and play with, Baby Garrett! ( I will try to post some pictures of him when I get some). 

Don't I look cute in a hat?

I love BeBe

Trying to grab the camera

I have the prettiest baby boy in the world :)

I'd love to say that he was this overjoyed that I am his mom, but in reality, a piece of wrought iron on the wall amused him for at least 20 minutes on this night.  

Rolling over

Tummy time

Having a blast with Mimi

Mom is obsessed with dressing me in plaid.  Somebody help me!

Chillin' with Daddy.  

Playing with Daddy after his soccer game

I love my bouncy seat!

I hate my bouncy seat! (10 seconds after first bouncy seat picture)

Baxter says, "Bye, thanks for checking out our blog this week!"