Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Boy

Reid has started to mellow a little in his old age. He is still an intense baby and can go from really happy to really angry in a nanosecond. At times, he still goes from being deeply asleep one second to opening one eye and beginning to shriek hysterically until he is fed (at which point he becomes instantly calm again!).

HOWEVER, whereas these situations used to be the norm, now they are much less frequent. Reid has started smiling, cooing and laughing a ton. He is more independent and will play on a blanket on the floor or in his crib for up to 30 minutes at a time without getting fussy. He has started enjoying his swing much more, and I'm even starting to get him to nap more regularly (without holding him through the entire nap!).

Reid has had visits from Mimi (Brian's mom) and BeBe and Grandad (my parents) lately. And, Reid now has another cousin! Brian's brother Mark, and his wife, Becky, had a big, healthy baby boy.

Garrett James McFarland
May 9, 2009 at 12:27 a.m.
8 lbs 15 oz
21 inches

We can't wait to meet, and play with, Baby Garrett! ( I will try to post some pictures of him when I get some). 

Don't I look cute in a hat?

I love BeBe

Trying to grab the camera

I have the prettiest baby boy in the world :)

I'd love to say that he was this overjoyed that I am his mom, but in reality, a piece of wrought iron on the wall amused him for at least 20 minutes on this night.  

Rolling over

Tummy time

Having a blast with Mimi

Mom is obsessed with dressing me in plaid.  Somebody help me!

Chillin' with Daddy.  

Playing with Daddy after his soccer game

I love my bouncy seat!

I hate my bouncy seat! (10 seconds after first bouncy seat picture)

Baxter says, "Bye, thanks for checking out our blog this week!"


Brooke said...

HA! I love the bouncy seat pictures! It's so funny how they go from mood to mood in a split second! :)Very cute pictures!!! Hope you had a happy first Mother's day!

Jennie said...

WOW Reid looks like you so much!!!! He is precious! enjoy your comments because I can totally see you saying each one!!:o) I enjoy your pictures so keep 'em coming! Baxter cracks me up!