Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too busy to sleep

I returned to work on Monday for the first time in 6 MONTHS (combination of bed rest and maternity leave). It was weird, busy, stressful but strangely okay. Of course, my in-laws were keeping Reid at our house, and dinner was waiting for me when I returned home. Now if only every workday could end that way! Tomorrow will be Reid's first real day at day care. I'm working Mondays and Thursdays for now.

Anyway, the number one question everyone at work was asking was: "how is he sleeping?!" as if this was the critical measure of his intelligence and my success as a mother. (What's that? I'm being way too sensitive and reading too much into the question? Okay, fine. Sleep deprivation has left me with the emotional stability of a newborn.) So, in answer to THE question: not well. Reid still gets up once or twice (or three times!) to eat during the night. Sometimes he wakes up more but goes back down without eating. No, he has never slept through the night. Not once. I've had a couple of freak occurrences where he slept for 6 hours, but there were no repeat performances.

So, if he doesn't sleep well at night, he must be napping well during the day, right? Nope. Reid is the consummate power napper. He will be passed out, be placed in his crib for a nap and wake up 10 minutes later smiling and ready to go. Or screaming his head off and cranky. It's a toss up. Yes, I'm exhausted. No, I never get anything done around the house.

All that to say, no, my child has not been sleeping for 12 hours a night, straight through, (like my sweet co-worker informed me her baby had been since 2 months of age.) BUT, he is completely amazing in so many other ways. Allow me to brag.

Reid rolls both ways, and he is now using rolling to go places and get things. He will hold toys in both hands and pass them from one hand to the other. He laughs, coos, makes raspberries and generally vocalizes non-stop. If we hold out our hands, he pulls himself to standing with very little assistance. He supports himself standing only holding our fingers. He eats his toes. He stands in his exersaucer. He tried rice cereal for the first time last night. He even appears to be getting his first tooth. And I'm convinced that there is not a cuter baby on this planet. Especially when he wears his swimsuit.

In summary, it is entirely possible that Reid will not sleep through the night until he is 16. His naps will probably only get shorter. But he is brilliant, strong, amazing and adorable. Four out of five ain't bad.

Holding his toes

Reading a book

Scratch that. Eating a book.

Standing in my exersaucer (with a little assist from the Wii fit board)

Eating rice cereal.

Entertaining mom after her first day at work.

Reid was dedicated at church this last Sunday with his cousin Cason.

Yes, they wore matching outfits.

Grandpa gave Reid a few tips on his game while watching golf together.

Swimming with Daddy.

To quote a very strange, very Southern saying I once heard (on the Bachelor if you must know) "I just want to sop him up with a biscuit!"

Standing with Daddy in the suit.

Ladies and gentleman, that is my 80 year old grandmother playing on the floor like a young spring chicken.

After a jog with Dad.


Cara said...

Yay for lots of new pictures! Reid is just getting more and more adorable! We need to plan a get together soon. Ainslee said she can't wait to meet him!

The Sloan Family said...

I totally agree about the sleeping through the night question! We went to a work party last night and EVERY person asked me that. I think people without kids can't think of anything else to ask but it is super annoying.