Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I heart Daddy

Reid loves his daddy! They already have so much fun together, and I know as Reid gets older, and is able to do more, they will have a blast. Of course, Brian has visions of playing soccer and baseball with the little man. One time I asked him what he would do if Reid didn't like sports and wanted to be a ballet dancer instead. His answer surprised me. He said, "Then I'll learn how to dance so we can spend time together." This is both touching and hilarious (everyone, imagine with me Brian leaping across a stage in tights!). I do think it shows what a great daddy Reid has though. And I hope Brian doesn't mind me sharing that little tidbit with everyone.

Brian's first Father's Day was a blast for all of us. We had such a busy day, and Reid was a trooper. We went to ABF a.k.a. "Sunday School" and big church, and Reid stayed in the nursery throughout. We peeked in on him in between, and he was standing in an exersaucer grinning from ear to ear with about 3 nursery workers congregated around him. We decided he was doing just fine :)

Then we had lunch at Central Market, and I surprised Brian by instructing him to drive to the PGA Superstore so he could pick out his new putter as part of his gift from Reid. Brian had lots of fun test driving putters while Reid and I walked around looking at golf apparel. Brian also got a gift card to play golf at Tour 18 from my parents, me and Reid. Finally, we came home, and Reid gave Brian a book he wrote called "My Daddy and Me". It was a photobook with captions of Brian and Reid since the day he was born. They read it together. Last, but not least, Brian and Reid went for a dip in the pool. There was tons of laughter and silly noises. I had to sit this one out since I had LASIK on Friday. No swimming for a month :( I did have fun watching them (in my wrap around sun glasses) and taking pictures.

Brian proclaimed it the best Father's Day he's ever had. And Reid proclaimed Brian the best daddy that he's ever had. ;)

Happy boys

Surfing lessons

Daddy making motorboat noises

Watching the US Open together

Brian tried out the new putter on the rug. Baxter had fun playing with the golf balls. I said he was Brian's catty. Get it? Please try to control your hysterical laughter.

Reading their book together

Reid holding the book and card to give to Daddy.

Brian posing with the putter. And the baby.

Tuckered out.


Cara said...

Looks like you guys had a great father's day! I love all the new pictures of Reid. He looks like such a happy little guy :)

sarah s said...

i think that Brian should take up ballet.....

and I have the cutest nephew EVER