Monday, February 16, 2009

A major change in our marriage...

Don't worry, I'm not about to share anything overly personal.  I'd never do that ;)  

As we've been counting down to "D-Day" (Delivery Day), I've been frantically nesting.  I just want to make sure each area of the house is ready for Baby Boy McFarland's arrival.  I plan on him sleeping in our room for awhile after we come home from the hospital.  I have decided to use our new Pack-n-Play for this purpose in our bedroom.  The only problem was figuring out how to configure our bedroom to make things work logistically.

Since I plan to breastfeed, I wanted the baby on my side of the room for easy access.  Since I'm having a c-section, I wanted to have the Pack-n-Play very close to my side of the bed so I could reach over and pick him up with minimal getting in and out of our bed.  The only way we could get this arrangement to work involved rearranging our bedroom furniture.  We tried this for a couple of days, but our bedroom felt so "off"--it drove me crazy.  I just kept thinking how Brian's side of the bed was such a better location for the Pack-n-Play.  The traffic flow through our room would still be perfect.  

I threw around a solution in my head during one of my recent sleepless nights.  I just kept thinking, "could we possibly make this momentous change after 4 1/2 years?" I got up the courage to share my idea with Brian, and he went for it!  So, starting Thursday night, we began a new chapter in our marriage.

We switched sides of the bed!!!!

The added bonus is that I'm now right next to the bathroom.  If pregnancy has taught me anything, it is the critical importance of minimizing ones steps during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips!  The first few nights were a little rough.  It just seemed so wrong.  In fact, we somehow managed to bump heads rather hard in the middle of the second night of our experiment when we both rolled over at the same time. 

It's good to know that we could be successful with this major change in our marriage--especially since we've got another very minor change to contend with in a few days :)  

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Whitney said...

Haha! I'm glad you've handled this so well. I'm praying for you guys this week! I hope you're as ready as you can be.