Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just a short update for now.  Brian, Reid and a I made it home around 1:00 this afternoon.  We are thrilled to be home with our happy, healthy baby boy.  Of course, our "happy" baby has definitely developed his signature cry.  It escalates from a couple of cute little squeaks to what I would describe as a shrill banshee wail in about 2 seconds.  Luckily, this is usually quickly quieted by feeding him.  For now. 

I'll have to write much more about our birth and hospital experiences later. For now we are happy to be home and to have introduced Reid to his big brothers.  Baxter seems pretty indifferent to him, and Bristow is curious.  They have both been sticking close to me all afternoon, and I'm very glad that they are acting loving and cuddly and not angry.  

Arriving at home; ignore the fact that I still appear to be pregnant.  I promise, there is a baby in the car seat.
Bristow meeting his brother

Baxter meeting his brother


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Welcome home, McFarland family!!! You all look adorable :) I'm sure Reid's older brothers will fall in love with him very quickly, although, they might find his banshee wail quite annoying...

Cara said...

Yea, more baby posts! One thing though, I need to see some more pictures of his sweet little FACE! :) Hope you guys are doing great and loving parenthood, it only gets better and better!

johnginnyalexander said...

I love, love, love his name!!!!! So glad for a happy, healthy baby!! Can't wait for Reid and Lake to be buddies!