Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quick Update

So today marks day 15 of bed rest.  This will sound strange, but in some ways, it seems like time is flying.  I think the fact that we're in the middle of the holidays really helps.  It doesn't feel TOO abnormal being at home this time of year especially because we've had so much company. 

My mom, dad and grandmother were up here for awhile, and we celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas day at our house along with Sarah, Toby and Cason.  Yesterday, Brian's mom, dad, two brothers and sister-in-law all arrived for round two of Christmas celebrations.  

Medical Update:  
I had two doctors appointments last week on Monday and Tuesday (one with the high risk OB and one with my regular OB).  The appointments were great fun!  Seriously---the only times I've left the house since I got home from the hospital.  My status has been pretty stable.  My cervix is no better, no worse (I know, you couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve because you were waiting for that little factoid!).  I'm still not having any contractions which is a very good thing.  So for now, I'm still on bed rest but not receiving any medical intervention (drugs, monitoring, etc).  I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow, but whose counting ;)

Overall, this post has been quite positive, and that's generally how I feel.  I'm so thankful to still have a healthy baby inside of me!  Don't be fooled though.  Bed rest has NOT been easy for me and I'm still making mental notes for my commentary on the joys of house arrest.  For now I must get back to hosting 5 people in my house while sitting on my couch.   

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