Friday, January 16, 2009

Most recent appointments...

I went to the doctor yesterday and for a sonogram today (don't ask...a major scheduling mishap was involved).  The doctor took me off of "official" bed rest because I'm almost 34 weeks which was his big milestone for me.  I'm still supposed to take it walking around just for fun, no strenuous activities, etc...  

Last night Brian and I went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Covinos, to celebrate.  We had so much fun, and the food was delicious -until I threw it up all over our bed around 1 a.m..  Again, the baby's head being pretty much in my stomach at this point can cause some minor digestive issues.  Yummmy!

So the sonogram was this morning.  The tech said how great the baby looked.  He weights 4 pounds 14 ounces and was opening and closing his eyes.  He has really chubby cheeks too!  I left, and when I got home, my doctor called and said they had the results of the sonogram.  They just wanted me to be aware that the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck.  They told me not to worry. They clearly do not know me at all!

I am worried!  I'm not feeling crazed with worry, and I've been told this is quite normal.  I probably even appear relatively calm on the outside. Still, it's very unsettling.  The doctor felt that the only way that this would impact me is that in two weeks if the cord is still there he will not perform the "external cephalic version" that he had planned.  The ECV is basically attempting to manually turn a breech baby into a head down position. This is too dangerous with a cord around the baby's neck.  I had requested this because I really do not want a c-section.  I have read and planned for natural childbirth.  We even have a doula.  That's right...somehow this conservative, Christian, Western medicine-using, hospital-working girl has turned out a little crunchy/earthy/granola.  You I should probably live in Portland, OR or something.  

I digress.  I've accepted that it's very likely that I'll have a c-section (and I'm trying not to look at this as defeat), but at the moment I'm just a little anxious about everything being okay with our sweet, chubby-cheeked little boy.  I would feel better if I could be hooked up to a fetal heart rate monitor 24 hours a day just to be sure everything was okay.  If Tom Cruise can have an ultrasound machine in his house, I don't think that mine is an unreasonable request.  Oh well!  

Again, I'm faced with a complete lack of control and failure of my own plans.  Who else thinks that maybe God is trying to teach me something?  :)

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Whitney said...

I do know how you feel about being out of control with things! I know I would be trying to be calm but feeling a little crazy on the inside. I'll be praying for you guys.