Monday, September 6, 2010

Nursery and Reid's room

I was so excited to decorate a nursery when I found out I was having a girl. I like pink, but I can only take so much. So we painted our little girl's nursery blue. Of course! We did use lots of very girly pink accents though. My very talented friend Angela helped me come up with an idea for a paint treatment on the nursery wall, and she helped with the tedious taping of the wall too. (The contrast of the lattice pattern is a little hard to see in these pictures, but it's more obvious when you're actually in the room). Brian got to do all the grunt work with the paint. He also made the shelving unit under the window and the floating shelves above the dresser. I have such talented friends and family! The prints on the wall above the crib are from Etsy, and my parents had them matted and framed for our baby shower gift. It definitely still needs a few finishing touches, but we'll get there soon enough. Here are a few pictures:

When we first moved to our new house in April, we tried to put Reid's furniture in his new room in the exact same arrangement that it was in our old house. The walls in his new room were a light beige and not nearly as warm and inviting as his old "pumpkin spice" walls. The final straw for me was the day we finished the nursery and took the rocking chair out of Reid's room to put in the nursery. The whole concept made me sad anyway, and it left Reid's room looking so barren and pitiful. We haven't rocked Reid to sleep for a long while, but he still sat in our laps to read books and such. Suddenly, there was nowhere to sit and snuggle with my baby! So fixing up Reid's room become a priority. We had already purchased the twin bed to match his furniture, but we had planned on storing it in the attic until he was ready for his "big boy bed". Instead, we went ahead and set it up in his room as a place to read books and snuggle. I've been wanting to do some kind of mural/wall decal for awhile, and we custom ordered the "forest friends" scene from a shop on Etsy. We used the same pumpkin spice paint color on all walls except the mural wall, and voila!


Melodie said...

ok. i already confessed to sarah that i keep snooping over here to see a new little one on your blog. hurry up baby girl! ;)
but i LOVE the rooms! not a huge pink lover myself, i think because it's so over done with baby girls. so i love using the other colors: blue, yellow, green. i love the blue and everything you've done to her sweet room. and i have to say that Reid's is amazing. my fave of the 2, if that's ok with you. :) i think the murals won me over. they are incredible. i'm sure he loves his new room. i'll be checking in here to see your newest addition!

The Everharts said...

looks great girl! I knew you had it in you!

Amy Agimudie said...

I love baby girl's room! It's precious :) Be sure and tell Brian that I'm placing an order for the under the window cubby and the floating shelves. I need them ASAP.

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