Friday, July 24, 2009

"5 years" alternately titled: "when did we get so old?"

Five years ago today, I walked down the aisle with a slightly forced smile and deer-in-the-headlights look to marry my best friend. And before you think I'm psycho, the reason I looked that way was NOT because I was unhappy about, or afraid of, marrying Brian. It had more to do with the massive case of nerves that hit me as I was waiting in the back of the church about 5 minutes before lift off. I had been uncharacteristically calm all day up until that very moment.

My biggest fear was that I would cry during our wedding. Actually, my biggest fear was that Brian would cry during our wedding. Thank the Lord, Brian held it together. I, on the other hand, did not.

Side note: I have no problem with other people crying during their weddings. It's just that the thought of 150 of our closest family and friends witnessing such an emotionally intimate moment really freaked me out.

Back to the story. As I waited with my dad, bridesmaids and flower girls, I suddenly became so nervous that I felt sick. I remember crouching down on my feet (in the big dress) and one of my bridesmaids moving my veil off my face in case I threw up. I didn't, praise the Lord. When it was time to walk down the aisle my heart was racing, and I remember that the combination of the veil over my face and all the white lights and candlelight in the sanctuary cast a magical glow. About halfway up the aisle, I remembered to look up, and there stood my prince charming! I was so relieved/happy/nervous/excited/nervous/petrified/nervous...

Brian was smiling, calm and brimming with confidence, as usual. He was relaxed when he repeated his vows with a clear, strong voice. I, on the other hand, said them so quietly they were hardly audible. And, I realized at some point in the ceremony that I was rocking back and forth on my feet. Embarrassing. Then, the mother of all my worst, emotionally-stunted nightmares: during the lighting of the unity candle I was overcome with emotion while listening to my dear friends sing and Brian pray for us. I cried.

This was not a lose control, sobbing, ugly cry, but it was definitely more than a glisten in my eyes. My sister surreptitiously passed the tissue she had been clasping around her bouquet. I had my back to the congregation during all of this, and I wiped my eyes and regained control before I turned back around. I'm good like that. What I didn't realize until later was that this entire display had been captured by the videographer in the choir loft. Right down to the lip tremble before the tears started flowing. Ugh.

When we were pronounced husband and wife and walked out to Vivaldi's Spring, I felt so much joy and relief wash over me. We were married, and I had survived the ceremony! I was extremely relaxed and happy through the reception. Until I started thinking about the wedding night. And on that note, I will leave you with some pictures. Of the wedding. Not the wedding night ;)

Walking down the aisle

The unity candle debacle :)


The cutest flower girls in the world!

Leaving the church and feeling much better.

A little pit stop at Sonic for Dr. Pepper, and I felt much, much better

Hill Country sunset

Getting nervous all over again...


Alan, Bobbi, Hank & Belle said...

Happy Anniversary! As much as I am obsessed this pregnancy with sonic dr pepper, I must say that the picture at sonic is my all time favorite picture!!!! Have a great day!

Bonnie said...

Ah! I also loved that you stopped at Sonic... side note we finally got Sonics here in Minnesota... Jeremy doesn't understand my obsession with their Dr. Pepper, and thinks it's silly that I can tell the difference between their Dr. Pepper and anyone else's. Beautiful pictures and congratulations!!!

amyagimudie said...

What the heck??? It's really been 5 years? That is SOOOO crazy! It feels like just yesterday we were all piled in the bed at the Rooster Inn the night before your wedding. Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary! I know...can you believe it's been that long? And we have kids! Congrats Allison!

a pair of pettijohns said...

hey allison. this is aimee's friend bekah. you know, the helga hairdresser taxi driver? now you remember me? excellent :)
just stopping in to say:
a) happy anniversary! 5 years is AWESOME! congrats.
b) i am pretty sure that reid is one of the cutest things i have EVER seen. just want you to know, that NO you aren't biased...he just really is THAT cute :)
hope you guys have a great summer!!

Whitney said...

Your dress is beautiful and you look SO pretty! Happy anniversary!