Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Famous

I had a the thrill of a lifetime...or maybe just this month, when THE MckMama emailed me last Tuesday night. Who is MckMama, you ask? Only my very favorite blogger of all time! She's a young mother raising her 4 kids (under the age of 4!) in Minnesota. She's also famous. In the blog world, anyway. She has had millions of hits on her blog, and it's not unusual for her posts to get more than a thousand comments.

She blogs about loving Jesus, daily life with her kids, eating organically, potty-training, her miraculously healed (but now sick again) son and dates with her husband. If you want to laugh, cry and get great parenting ideas, head on over to: It's addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, I've always thought her youngest son looked a lot like Reid. This was particularly apparent in a recent photo I took of him. So, I emailed it to her. (Which is brave since it was a crappy picture, and she's a professional photographer). She emailed me back right away agreeing they looked alike and saying how "cute, cute, cute" Reid is. Now I love her even more.

So, I've decided that MckMama emailing me makes me almost famous...

Unfortunately, the rest of last week was not quite so thrilling. I thought my child was developing multiple personalities last week. He was moody even for him. However, when he woke up on Thursday morning, I could tell right away that he had a fever. And, it was a work day for me.

My super amazing husband stayed home with the sick munchkin all day and even took him to the pediatrician. Turns out, Mr. Reid had a virus involving fever and sores in his mouth and throat. All we could do was give him Tylenol, and it was so sad to watch him whimper pitifully all day Thursday and Friday. By Sunday he was good as new, though.

Here are some pictures from our last couple of weeks:

Eating a little avocado and breast milk. Isn't that how you make guacamole? ;)


Fourth of July fun with Eric and Beau Loyd

Reid and Beau reading a book together. They are so intellectual!

The super amazing husband referenced above gets Reid ready for day care, drops him off and picks him up on days I work (I'm a lucky girl!). Typically, I put an outfit on the changing table for Brian to dress him in. One day I forgot, and Brian sent Reid to day care in the shorts you see pictured. That's right, folks...those are shorts hitting his ankles! I laughed all night long :)

Reid is very in to sucking on his toes these days. In fact, he loves to suck on his toes between bites of rice cereal.

I was a bad mom one day. I just wanted to take a shower and dry my hair. This is Reid in the swing watching Baby Einstein. Scary how early they learn the "zoned out" stare.

Happy boy.

The new toy he got after his 4 month vaccinations.

This is the second time I have scratched him and done significant damage. Actually, he might have done this one to himself. I wasn't sure so I immediately trimmed his nails, and in the process, cut his finger for the first time. Feel free to nominate me for Mother of the Year.


Alan, Bobbi, Hank & Belle said...

Your blog link to MckMama got me hooked on her website...thanks a lot...haha!

Whitney said...

He has such a great smile! I love it!