Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat

Reid got to dress up twice for his first Halloween. On Wednesday, our church had its annual Fall Festival. It is HUGE, and Reid loved all the action. He went down a few slides, petted animals in a petting zoo and took pictures with his cute friends.

When Saturday rolled around, we headed over to my sister's house. My parents were in town and we took Reid and Cason to a few houses in the neighborhood to trick or treat.

Our two little trick-or-treaters crawling out the door to kick off the festivities

My two favorite golfers

I was Reid's caddy for the evening.

When was the last time you saw Tiger Woods with a pacifier in his mouth? We're going to have to work on this before Reid hits the PGA tour.

Little belly :)

Cason, the cutest giraffe in the world. And, in a frightening, display, Reid demonstrated just how much he loved his cousin the giraffe. We're still not sure what happened to Cason! See for yourself...

Reid doesn't need to remove candy wrappers...he's efficient like that.

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Jordan & Angela said...

of course Reid was a golfer! He is too cute!