Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

The weekend before Thanksgiving we embarked on a major road trip with our feverish, fussy little guy. I did NOT have high hopes for the weekend. We left Friday afternoon and drove 6 hours to Wellington, KS, where we spent the night with Brian's grandmother. Leg One: Reid did amazingly well.

Early Saturday morning we left Wellington and drove 4 hours to Osborne, KS (which I spent the weekend referring to as Nebraska since it's in far Northern Kansas!). Leg Two: Reid did pretty well despite fever blisters developing on his lips and one very chilly, very dirty diaper change at a rest area.

Once in Obsorne we met up with Brian's parents and Brian's extended family at Great Aunt Berta and Great Uncle Bob's house. Reid also met his great grandfather for the first time, as well as Aunt Cinnie, Uncle Kevin and cousin Scott. We had a fun pre-Thanksgiving lunch and spent some quality time with family.
Meeting Great Grandad for the first time

Group shot in Osborne

Four generations of McFarland men!

Free from the car seat but we've managed to cage him again!

Trying to pull Great Aunt Cinnie's hair

Then, it was back in the car for 4 more hours back to Wellington. Leg Three: Mimi (Brian's mom) rode with us on this leg, and Reid did great for about 3.5/4 hours. As we neared Grandma's house he had a complete shrieking meltdown. And really, who can blame him?!

Saturday night we had dinner with more family at Grandma's house, and then Sunday we had another pre-Thanksgiving dinner with a lot of Brian's mom's side of the family. Some had seen Reid before and others met him for the first time. In no particular order we saw: Steve, Connie, Grandma and her boyfriend, Lou, Uncle Monty, Aunt Carol, Amy and Josh, Amy and Jeremy, Cole, Cason, Josh, Uncle Kris, Shawn, Amity and her husband and new baby Jaylyn.

This is the only shot we got of the family on Sunday, and as you can see, our camera was acting up :(

Then back into the car for 6 hours back to Dallas. Leg Four: Reid did amazingly well, again. Overall, he was an awesome little traveler considering he was in the car for 20 hours in a little over 2 days. He far exceeded our expectations, and we got to spent some great quality time with Brian's side of the family.

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